We Shall Overcome (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781338540376
ISBN: 9781338540376
Editorial: Orchard Books
Autor: Collier, Bryan
Año de edición: 2021
N° Paginas: 40
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: A celebration of the gospel anthem and Civil Rights protest song "We Shall Overcome," masterfully brought to life by Caldecott Honor recipient and a nine-time Coretta Scott King Award winner Bryan Collier."We Shall Overcome" is one of the most recognizable anthems of the Civil Rights movement, widely performed at protests and rallies to promote nonviolent civil rights activism. Now, these inspirational, empowering, legendary lyrics are brought to life with the stirring, evocative, and breathtaking illustrations from multi-award-winning talent Bryan Collier. Powerfully imagined for the present moment, Collier's illustrations meld the most emblematic moments of the twentieth-century Civil Rights movement with the present day, depicting the movements, protests, and demonstrations -- big and small -- as the fight for justice continues. With illustrations full of depth, tenderness, and expression, and offering historical context while remaining powerfully relevant to the present-day, this impactful picture book is a must-have for every home, classroom, and bookshelf.ReviewPraise for We Shall Overcome:A Kirkus Reviews' Best Picture Book of 2021* "This thoughtful work of art comes together with beauty and meaning." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review* "Uplifting and inspiring, with plenty of history for those who are ready, this makes a welcome addition to civil rights picture books." -- Booklist, starred review* “Illustrating lyrics of the civil rights protest anthem “We Shall Overcome,” Collier (All Because You Matter) demonstrates the song’s continuing significance, layering dynamic, vibrantly hued images of a contemporary Black girl’s day-to-day with grayscale drawings of meaningful events in Black history―and drawing a direct link between them.” -- Publishers Weekly, starred review"In this electrifying picture book, a famous gospel anthem connects the past and the present as it is reimagined with beautiful contemporary artwork." -- Shelf AwarenessPraise for All Because You Matter, illustrated by Bryan Collier:* "Two accomplished creators invite Black children to take up their spaces in the world... the journey from beginning to end of the book sends a message that is nurturing, nourishing, loving, and reassuring, expanding and deepening the words of the movement it echoes. Collier's trademark paint-and-collage illustrations use petal shapes with patterns and faces, blue and brown hues, and family scenes and close-ups to embody the child's growth within affectionate circles of family, community, and universe. A gem for every household." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review* "Caldecott Honoree Collier's (Trombone Shorty) tender, close-up watercolor portraits of a growing Black boy give visual power to this celebration of young Black lives. In an author's note, Charles (Freedom Soup) writes about 'The Big Talk- -- words that every Black parent must speak to their child about discrimination and violence. Lyrical verse that aims to offer 'a starting point for conversations about the racial climate in our country' underlines an important message: 'you, dear child, matter'... As a schoolchild in a green T-shirt, he faces hurdles: academic efforts go unrewarded, classmates jeer, another name is called:/ Trayvon,/ Tamir,/ Philando." Alongside these realities, Charles delivers a ringing affirmation of his life's meaning -- 'Did you know that... strength, power, and/ beauty lie within you?' -- as Collier shows the boy straight on, surrounded by collaged images of his ancestry. Universal declarations are often illustrated with images of many children; this book's focus on a single child brings his experience and life-and the ways they matter-right up close." -- Publishers Weekly, starred reviewPraise for Trombone Shorty, illustrated by Bryan Collier:2016 Caldecott Honor BookCoretta Scott King (Illustrator) Award Winner* ""This well-told and exquisitely illustrated story of a musician with a steep career tra
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