Travels with George: In Search of Washington and His Legacy (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780525562177
por Viking
ISBN: 9780525562177
Editorial: Viking
Autor: Philbrick, Nathaniel
Año de edición: 2021
N° Paginas: 400
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Descripción: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER“Travels with George . . . is quintessential Philbrick—a lively, courageous, and masterful achievement.” —The Boston GlobeDoes George Washington still matter? Bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick argues for Washington’s unique contribution to the forging of America by retracing his journey as a new president through all thirteen former colonies, which were now an unsure nation. Travels with George marks a new first-person voice for Philbrick, weaving history and personal reflection into a single narrative.When George Washington became president in 1789, the United States of America was still a loose and quarrelsome confederation and a tentative political experiment. Washington undertook a tour of the ex-colonies to talk to ordinary citizens about his new government, and to imbue in them the idea of being one thing—Americans.In the fall of 2018, Nathaniel Philbrick embarked on his own journey into what Washington called “the infant woody country” to see for himself what America had become in the 229 years since. Writing in a thoughtful first person about his own adventures with his wife, Melissa, and their dog, Dora, Philbrick follows Washington’s presidential excursions: from Mount Vernon to the new capital in New York; a monthlong tour of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island; a venture onto Long Island and eventually across Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The narrative moves smoothly between the eighteenth and twenty-first centuries as we see the country through both Washington’s and Philbrick’s eyes.Written at a moment when America’s founding figures are under increasing scrutiny, Travels with George grapples bluntly and honestly with Washington’s legacy as a man of the people, a reluctant president, and a plantation owner who held people in slavery. At historic houses and landmarks, Philbrick reports on the reinterpretations at work as he meets reenactors, tour guides, and other keepers of history’s flame. He paints a picture of eighteenth-century America as divided and fraught as it is today, and he comes to understand how Washington compelled, enticed, stood up to, and listened to the many different people he met along the way—and how his all-consuming belief in the union helped to forge a ReviewAn Amazon Best Book of September 2021: I’ll read anything written by Philbrick (In the Heart of the Sea, Bunker Hill). With an alchemy of unearthed facts and fascinating figures, his books always deliver a deeper look at the moments of U.S. history that we think we know well but rarely do. In Travels with George, Philbrick entertainingly brings himself into the picture, as he, his wife, and his rambunctious dog, Dora, retrace George Washington’s presidential tours across the brand-new country. Glimpses of our current fractured politics heighten the importance and heroism of Washington’s all-out efforts to mold the ex-colonies into a single national identity—though the continuation of slavery, even within his own household, corroded his efforts. Always extremely readable, Philbrick provides a lot to chew on as he explores what Washington did right, what he did wrong, and how his choices still affect us today. —Adrian Liang, Amazon EditorReview“Both a lighthearted travelogue and a timely exploration of Washington’s historical legacy.” —The Wall Street Journal“Philbrick’s book addresses weighty matters but is nevertheless an enjoyable read, a fitting if unusual capstone to a trilogy on the revolution. At times, the book seems like a valedictory. The author’s many readers hope not.” —The Guardian (London)“In Travels with George: In Search of Washington and His Legacy, his thirteenth book, Nathaniel Philbrick brings his proven gift as a narrator to this on-the-road part of Washington’s life.” —The Washington Post“Drawing unnerving parallels to the nation’s current political landscape, the writer shows how the le
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