The Work-Smart Academic Planner, Revised Edition: Write It Down, Get It Done - (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781462530205
ISBN: 9781462530205
Editorial: Guilford Publications
Autor: Dawson Edd, Peg
Año de edición: 2017
Edición: 1
N° Páginas: 136
Tipo de pasta: Pasta blanda
Descripción: From executive skills experts Peg Dawson and Richard Guare, the large-format academic planner that has helped thousands of students in grades 6-12 is now revised and updated. It provides an all-in-one resource for keeping track of assignments and due dates while developing the crucial executive skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. Students are given the tools to get organized, manage their time, learn study strategies, create daily/weekly study plans, and stay on track. They are also guided to evaluate their own executive skills in order to target their weaknesses and capitalize on strengths. In addition to simplified planner pages, the revised edition has an improved Studying for Tests form. User-friendly features: *Convenient spiral binding. *Three-hole punched to fit in a binder (with a new slimmer profile). *Reproducible planning forms that can be downloaded and printed for repeated use. *Undated daily and monthly calendars for one academic year. *Online-only User's Guide for school psychologists, educators, coaches, and parents ( See also the authors' Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits, which provides additional resources and guidance for professionals working with this population, plus the authoritative Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents, Second Edition. Also from Dawson and Guare: Smart but Scattered parenting guides and a self-help guide for adults. Opinión "This is a wonderful tool. Importantly, it provides a menu of options for coaches and students and the language is transparent and logical. Dawson and Guare draw on their knowledge of how executive skills develop and are refined to explicitly teach strategies for academic and personal self-management and self-advocacy. Both the student and the executive skills coach will gain from using this planner."--Jackie Gilson, NCSP, school psychologist, Chicago Public Schools "In my 17 years as a teacher, I've worked with countless frustrated, struggling students who are clearly capable of doing better. The executive functioning and coaching components in The Work-Smart Academic Planner are vital to improve the academic performance of these learners. The planner helps students develop a growth mindset and increase their sense of self-efficacy. It builds the cognitive skills necessary for success in school and beyond."--Timothy McElroy, MA, special education teacher, Mountain View High School, Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools "Dawson and Guare provide a true compass for navigating the path to academic growth. The planner provides invaluable practical strategies that encourage students' independence and foster learning. It will be a welcome resource for students, coaches, educators, and parents."--Barbara Saint-Amour, board-certified coach, Yarmouth, Maine "While it is valuable to develop theoretical models of executive functioning, it is incredibly more so to develop practical strategies and clinical tools for overcoming problems in this area. Congratulations to Dawson and Guare for doing just that. This planner provides a set of tools that will help teens with executive skills deficits--including those with ADHD--to function more effectively. The planner pages in the revised edition are easier to use, as each week now fits on a single page. Parents and teachers will find the book highly useful, and clinicians will want to add it to the list of resources they recommend for dealing with executive skills deficits on a daily basis."--Russell A. Barkley, PhD, ABPP, ABCN, Department of Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine "This planner will be extremely useful for a wide variety of students, from those struggling with school performance to high achievers seeking further growth. It incorporates research-based strategies that will help students manage and plan their time, organize school assignments and responsibilities, and remain
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Autor: Dawson Edd, Peg
  • Editorial: Guilford Publications
  • N° Paginas: 136
  • Tipo de pasta: Pasta blanda
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