Owly & Wormy: Bright Lights and Starry Nights! - (Libro en Inglés)

$ 748.00
ISBN: 9781416957751
ISBN: 9781416957751
Editorial: Atheneum Books
Autor: Runton, Andy
Año de edición: 2012
N° Páginas: 40
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: Críticas * The small owl with big eyes and equally outsized heart makes new friends on a nocturnal outing. Discovering that their view of the sky has been blocked by tree leaves, Owly and his little vermiform housemate march out to set up their new telescope on a woodland hilltop. When heavy rains drive them into a cave that night, and eerie "Clickety skreeeeeeeee" noises send them scrambling back out, the telescope goes missing. This prompts Owly to screw his courage to the sticking place, leave his shivering buddy behind and set off on a search. As in Owly's previous picture-book (Friends All Aflutter, 2011) and graphic-novel appearances, the tale is told in big, easy-to-grasp sequential cartoons, with wordless pictures and signs in balloons creating a nonverbal language that serves just fine in place of narration or dialogue. Owly returns in triumph with not only the telescope, but a set of friendly bats to explain the scary sound effects. In a final bit of both plot and emotional resolution, Wormy's fear of the dark is transformed to delight as the camp's candle is blown out, and the seemingly empty skies overhead suddenly blaze with stars. Young readers and pre-readers alike will respond strongly to the tale's elemental drama and clearly defined emotional arc. --Kirkus Reviews, September 15, 2012 *STAR Out on a stargazing venture in this wordless picture book, Owly and Wormy discover that it's fine to be frightened--but it's better to be brave.Owly and Wormy want to see the stars! So they gather their telescope and their lantern and head out into the dark night, all the way to the edge of their branch. Try as they might, though, they can only see leaves...and branches...and more leaves. But these two friends are not about to let a little obstacle like foliage stop them. They head back home and stock up for a longer trip. Armed with camping gear, galoshes, and tasty treats--and their wits, of course!--Owly and Wormy set out once again. This time, though, there are even bigger challenges to face. What's that screee sound? What's that click click clicking sound?! And what happened to their telescope?!? Oh dear! But if they're brave enough, they just might discover that there are nearly as many new friends on the horizon to help them as there are stars in the sky. Biografía del autor Andy Runton has always loved to draw. After college, he began a career in corporate America, but left when he decided to follow his heart (and love of comic books). He hasn't looked back. Andy's artwork portrays his affection for wildlife, especially little birds. He says he is happiest when he's outside under a big Georgia sky. He lives in the greater-Atlanta area where he works full-time on Owly comics, books, and graphic novels. Visit him online at AndyRunton.com.
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Autor: Runton, Andy
  • Editorial: Atheneum Books
  • N° Paginas: 40
  • Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
  • Envío: Desde EE.UU.