Joke time

$ 259.00
ISBN: 9789582009007
ISBN: 9789582009007
Editorial: C. Magisterio
Año de edición: 2019
Descripción: Good jokes make you laugh. And laughter is a kind of therapy or safety valve that relieves your stress and tension. After laughing, you fell better because your heart rate slows down, your muscles relax and your brain becomes more alert and efficient. If you are teaching or learning english, maybe you can use this book as didactic material for making the lenguage learning more interesting, funnier and easier. through this material, you can teach or learn the use of standard english as well as the different way and strategies for narrating and the formal use of punctuation marks. Linguistics, grammar, storytelling, joketelling and writing are some of the aspects you can work in this book. Nalso, you expand your stock of vocabulary since you feel compelled to infer or look for meanings of unknown words in order to understand a joke, a riddle, a thought or the alike. None of the best ways you can use this material is by having your students dramatize some of the situations presented in the jokes. Imagination is essential to create, expand and adapt the contents to new contexts or situations.