Inspired Design (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780865653566
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"Inspired Design should get a younger generation of designers to take deep dives into the careers of people whom 'we have benefitted from.' So set aside Instagram and open a book, Inspired Design among them."-- "Architectural DigestIn her new book Inspired Design Jennifer Boles profiles the 100 most influential designers of the past 100 years, revealing how they shaped the decorating landscape."-- "House BeautifulJennifer Boles's essential primer on the most important interior decorators from the last 100 years."-- "VerandaThe publication of Jennifer Bole's Inspired Design was the design event of the fall, an exhaustive survey of every major decorator of the past century and an essential for every aficionado's library."-- "VerandaThis might be the most coveted list of all in the world of interior design. Here, at last, are the on hundred designers everyone who loves design needs to know--and who continue to inspire. The book is a fascinating time line of the evolution of interior design and decoration." -- "MilieuThis roundup of interior design's greatest visionaries from around the globe examines how each of the professionals profiled has influenced the world of design in his or her own unique way."-- "LUXE Interiors + DesignUnlike most decorating books, which focus on one designer, one style, or even one kind of house, Inspired Design takes in the full scope of design over the last century and starts naming names. . . . Armchair observers of the decorating world will be interested in the list."-- "Flower" Most decorating books focus on one designer; the rest focus on one period, one trend, one room. This book, for the first time, has the big picture: ALL the names everybody must know from the entire 100-year history of interior design. Each designer is profiled and illustrated with three to four photographs of their best work; what we can learn from them--and how they changed decorating forever--is clearly highlighted to catch the eye. Biografía del autor Jennifer Boles created one of the first design blogs, the award-winning The Peak of Chic, in 2008. She has been profiled in the New York Times, Elle Decor, and Town & Country, among other publications.
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  • Autor: Boles, Jennifer