Gendering the GOP: Intraparty Politics and Republican Women's Representation in Congress (Libro en I

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ISBN: 9780197556559
ISBN: 9780197556559
Editorial: Oxford University Press
Autor: Wineinger, Catherine N.
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 232
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Descripción: In Gendering the GOP, Catherine N. Wineinger argues that to truly understand the evolution of women's congressional representation, it is necessary to move beyond an analysis of legislative behavior and toward an analysis of intraparty gender dynamics. Unlike previous research on women in Congress, Wineinger focuses exclusively on the experiences of Republican congresswomen to uncover some of the gendered implications of congressional polarization.Developing a novel theory of "partisan-gender identity," defined as a categorical identity that sits at the intersection of one's partisan affiliation and gender identity, Gendering the GOP argues that Republican women in Congress are not merely gender-blind partisans. In fact, polarization and party competition have incentivized Republican women to organize around their partisan-gender identity and distinguish themselves from both Democratic women and Republican men. In so doing, Republican congresswomen have increased their visibility as party messengers, while simultaneously upholding a party culture that limits women's presence and power in the institution. Through extensive interviews with women members of Congress and in-depth analyses of House floor speeches, Wineinger details how women have both navigated and shaped existing gender dynamics within the House GOP conference.Review"As the number of women serving in the House Republican caucus grows, Wineinger's highly readable research expands the understanding of gender and party politics and offers valuable questions for future research." -- M. A. Mueller, CHOICE"Wineinger's in-depth examination of how Republican women's role in Congress has changed over time has arrived at precisely the right moment―providing context to understand the implications of 2020's historic increase in Republican women's representation. In this multi-method study, Wineinger draws on analyses of floor speeches, case studies, and in-person interviews to evaluate Republican women's place in Congress in the 1990s and 2010s." -- Melody Crowder-Meyer, Davidson College"In an age of extreme partisan polarization in Congress, some may wonder if gender continues to matter in the legislative process, particularly among the GOP, a party that eschews the identity politics label. Catherine Wineinger's work, Gendering the GOP, shows brilliantly that gender does matter to the governing style and messaging of Republican women in Congress. Through analyses of floor speeches, elite interviews, and case studies, Wineinger demonstrates a partisan-gender identity at work among GOP congresswomen. She also reveals the challenges that GOP women continue to face in terms of being elected and becoming leaders. A terrific book!" -- Melissa Deckman, Washington College"Gendering the GOP provides a highly valuable look at the distinctive experiences of Republican women in elective office. By allowing Republican women to define for themselves what they view as women's issues, this book offers a fresh and compelling examination of the ways that gender and partisanship intersect to shape the language and actions of Republican women in the House of Representatives over time." -- Laurel Elder, Hartwick College"Gendering the GOP showcases the importance of partisanship for women's political representation. Wineinger masterfully illustrates how GOP women utilize a partisan gender identity to gain greater visibility and power within the Republican Party and how Republican women engage in a partisan women-invoked rhetoric when representing women's interests that is distinct and unique to Republican women. By highlighting the effects of partisanship, this book moves our understanding of women's representation and claim-making forward, making it a must-read for gender and politics scholars and students." -- Malliga Och, Idaho State University"Wineinger offers a deep analysis of the role Republican women play in shaping the message of the GOP and the barr
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