Everyday Economics: A User's Guide to the Modern Economy (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781911116356
ISBN: 9781911116356
Editorial: Agenda Publishing
Autor: Coulter, Steve
Año de edición: 2017
N° Paginas: 208
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: Most economics is a top-down analysis that simplifies and reduces the huge varieties among individuals to a predictable range of characteristics that lend themselves to systematic analysis. This book eschews this conventional perspective, which sees national economies as simply agglomerations of the activities of millions of people, and instead explores the role played by the individual in the economy, in particular, how the individual experiences the economy. In so doing, the book is able to illuminate the economic landscape for the nontechnical reader in a much more engaging and accessible way than conventional textbooks.By placing the individual front and center in its analysis, the book is able to demonstrate how the things we experience, need, and consume fit into the fast-changing and interdependent global economic setting. It shows the role of government, markets, and welfare in shaping our lives, and builds on the latest economic research and data to provide an overview of the workings of the economy that takes as its starting point the interface between the individual and the system overall. Review All too often, the economics that people hear discussed consists of jargon and acronyms that seem remote from the practicalities of life. Steve Coulter provides a straightforward yet sophisticated guide to the elements of economics that most matter to everyone: housing, the job market, personal finances, shopping. Everyday Economics captures the complexity of the modern global economy while making it intelligible. -- Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics, University of Manchester About the Author Steve Coulter is LSE Fellow in the Political Economy of Europe at the London School of Economics. He is also an associate fellow of the Social Market Foundation think tank. He was previously a senior economics analyst for BBC News.
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