What Makes a Terrorist: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism - 10th Anniversary Edition - (Libro en

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ISBN: 9780691177823
ISBN: 9780691177823
Editorial: Princeton University Press
Año de edición: 2018
Edición: 10
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Descripción: Why we need to think more like economists to successfully combat terrorism If we are to correctly assess the root causes of terrorism and successfully address the threat, we must think more like economists do. Alan Krueger'sWhat Makes a Terrorist explains why our tactics in the fight against terrorism must be based on more than anecdote, intuition, and speculation.Many popular ideas about terrorists are fueled by falsehoods, misinformation, and fearmongering. Many believe that poverty and lack of education breed terrorism, despite a wealth of evidence showing that most terrorists come from middle-class and often college-educated backgrounds. Krueger closely examines the factors that motivate individuals to participate in terrorism, drawing inferences from terrorists' own backgrounds and the economic, social, religious, and political environments in the societies from which they come. He describes which countries are the most likely breeding grounds for terrorists, and which ones are most likely to be their targets. Krueger addresses the economic and psychological consequences of terrorism and puts the threat squarely into perspective, revealing how our nation's sizable economy is diverse and resilient enough to withstand the comparatively limited effects of most terrorist strikes. He also calls on the media to be more responsible in reporting on terrorism.Bringing needed clarity to one of the greatest challenges of our generation, this 10th anniversary edition ofWhat Makes a Terrorist features a new introduction by the author that discusses the lessons learned in the past decade from the rise of ISIS and events like the 2016 Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida. Críticas What Makes a Terrorist brings together disparate data, such as academic studies and government reports, arraying them into a concise, accessible argument against the notion that we can defeat terrorism through aid and education. While Krueger is careful to affirm that these are useful in combating many social ills, he is adamant that terrorism is not one of them. He offers skilled analysis to show that an aggressive foreign policy based on this fallacious assumption has cost several nations dearly and also warns that continuing along this course may provoke further terrorist acts.---Tony Azios, Christian Science Monitor[E]minently readable and informative.---Ira Smolensky, Magill Book Reviews[Krueger] analyzed data from NCTC and elsewhere, and came up with often counter-intuitive findings. . . . Krueger's book collects comprehensive evidence.---Zack Phillips, Government Executive[Krueger] in his groundbreaking new book,What Makes a Terrorist, enlists the 'dismal science' to tackle the despicable one. Provocative, dispassionate and accessible, Krueger's book is a breath of fresh air in the stifling climate of empty speculation that dominates the terror dialogue in post-9/11 America.---Ryan Hagen, Brooklyn Rail[Krueger] seeks to put the risks Americans face from terrorism into 'proper perspective' with his unique book.---John McCaslin, Washington TimesAn invaluable little book. . . .What Makes a Terrorist uses standard tools of economics and statistical analysis to get at the truth about terrorism. . . . Krueger finds one familiar fact in all his numbers. Countries with fewer civil liberties tend to produce more terrorists.---Daniel Finkelstein, TimesI am quite sure that this book will be very widely read; it builds on recent literature by both Krueger and a young breed of scholars who have used technical sophistication to disprove the expected positive effect of poverty and ignorance on terrorism.---Siddhartha Mitra, Eastern Economic JournalIt seems universally obvious that poverty and poor education breed terrorism. But it's wrong. . . . [Alan Krueger] went in search of evidence for the terrorism part of the proposition and found next to none. He has set out his findings inWhat Make
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  • Editorial: Princeton University Press
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