The Space Between (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781530644759
It all comes down to this. Run and hide? Or turn and fight? Thing is, does he tell Rebecca about the dead body, where her shot friend is being hidden, why his friend is decidedly more hirsute than normal...or save that *for* a second date. That is if they all live long enough for a second date. And time isn't on his side. With the Cult hunting him, McLachlan is left with few options. Especially if he wants to play hero and stop them using someone else as a vessel for the demon Mammon. "The Space Between" is the third book in The Cups Triptych and starts immediately at the close of the previous book - "How to be Dead" (five stars on Amazon - little generous but not complaining). "The Space Between" follows Rebecca as she finds a better sense of herself in a very strange new world amid new people. All the while McLachlan heads for a confrontation that's been 23 years in the making. So grab your robe, light your best demon-summoning scented candle, and hunker down for the final installment. If you haven't checked out the previous books in the triptych, do you yourself a solid and jump in.
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