Never Felt So Good (Italian Literature) (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781943150793
ISBN: 9781943150793
Editorial: Dalkey Archive Press
Autor: Campo, Rossana
Año de edición: 2020
N° Paginas: 144
Tipo de pasta: Pasta blanda
Descripción: About the Author Rossana Campo (1963-) is an Italian novelist, short story writer, playwright, and painter. Her debut novel, In the Beginning Was Underwear (1992), earned her a reputation as one of the “bad girls” of contemporary Italian literature, an original and transgressive new voice. Her many novels include Where Are You Going to Find Another Father Like Mine (2016), which was awarded the prestigious Premio Strega Giovani and the Elsa Morante Prize.Adria Frizzi is a scholar and translator of Italian and Latin American literature. Her translations include works by Marina Colasanti, Osman Lins, Caio Fernando Abreu, Regina Rheda, Dacia Maraini, Elena Ferrante, and Rossana Campo. She teaches Italian and translation studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Six Italian women living in Paris gather for a drunken dinner party, an occasion for ribald storytelling and gossip, shocking confession and soul-searching, unexpected revelation and painful betrayal, and, ultimately, profound and enduring female solidarity.Rossana Campo blends pop and high culture in this polyphonic novel whose vibrant, colloquial language gleefully overturns stuffy literary convention, subverts the expectations of genre and narrative, and celebrates orality in all its untamed glory. Bawdy, exuberant, hilarious, Never Felt So Good is a deliciously ironic depiction of female sexuality and friendship, an irrepressible stream of overlapping female voices, a symposium in the truest sense.
  • Idioma: Inglés
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