Mexican American Baseball in the Alamo Region - (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781467133388
por Arcadia
ISBN: 9781467133388
Editorial: Arcadia
Autor: Santillan, Richard A
Año de edición: 2015
N° Páginas: 128
Tipo de pasta: Pasta blanda
Descripción: Mexican American Baseball in the Alamo Region celebrates the game as it was played in the Tejano and Tejana communities throughout Texas. This regional focus explores the importance of the game at a time when Spanish-speaking people were demanding cultural acceptance and their political and civil rights in cities like San Antonio, Corpus Christi, New Braunfels, San Diego, Kingsville, and Pleasanton. All had thriving Mexican American communities that found comfort in the game and pride in their abilities on the field. On these pages are historical images and wonderful stories that are now immortalized, taking their rightful place in the annuals of the game. Viva Tejas, Viva Beisbol, y Viva los Peloteros! Biografía del autor Author Richard A. Santillan is professor emeritus of ethnic and women studies at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Coauthors are Jorge Iber, associate dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and professor of history, Texas Tech University; Grace G. Charles, archivist, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi; Alberto Rodriguez, assistant professor of history, Texas A&M University, Kingsville; and Gregory Garrett, educational specialist, Institute of Texan Cultures, University of Texas, San Antonio.
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Autor: Santillan, Richard A
  • Editorial: Arcadia
  • N° Paginas: 128
  • Tipo de pasta: Pasta blanda
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