Fundamentals of the Theory of Computation (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781558605473
This innovative textbook presents the key foundational concepts that can be covered in a one semester undergraduate course in the theory of computation. It offers the most accessible and motivational course material available for undergraduate computer theory classesand is directed at the typical undergraduate who may have difficulty understanding the relevance of the course to their future careers. The text helps make students more comfortable with techniques required for the deeper study of computer science. To successfully practice computer science, it is necessary to understand its theoretical roots. Simple tools like regular expression matching, complex tools like compilers and fundamental ideas like cryptography all result from a thorough understanding of theory. On the other hand, theory is motivated by practical problems like the need for authentication and secure communication. This text bridges theory and practice.
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  • Editorial: Morgan Kaufmann
  • Autor: Greenlaw, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Raymond