21st Century Parenting: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Resilient Children in an Unstable World (Libr

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ISBN: 9781949481006
ISBN: 9781949481006
Editorial: Central Recovery Press
Autor: Capaldi, Rick
Año de edición: 2019
N° Paginas: 256
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Descripción: The only parenting book based on a school-tested methodAs co-founder of Outreach Concern, Inc., one of the largest school-based counseling services in the country, Dr. Rick Capaldi developed a guide to raise kids into confident, independent adults. His "three Rs"—Read your child's environment, Regulate their emotional temperature, and Redirect their behavior—will help parents and teachers steer children toward emotional stability and success. This model has been effectively utilized in counseling over a half-million children and parents in over 900 schools, resulting in the development of cooperative, successful, and highly productive family relationships. Review Although there are numerous parenting primers on the market, 21st Century Parenting offers a unique perspective on what parents need to know at this particular moment in time. Dr. Capaldi provides parents with a roadmap to raise successful children who are dealing with unprecedented challenges and temptations. Each chapter contains information that is clear, practical, and succinct. For parents raising children in the twenty-first century, this book is indispensable.―Bernard Schwartz, PhD, Founder and Director of Student Psychological Services at Santiago Canyon College, Author, How to Fail as a TherapistIt has been our honor and privilege at Mater Dei High School to have had the opportunity and blessing to work with Dr. Rick Capaldi and Outreach Concern for more than twenty-five years. Dr. Capaldi’s book is an easy read with clear, reasonable, and powerful suggestions for parents and teachers to help their children and students cope with the stresses and pressures of today’s instant communication and gratification world of social media, texting, and online everything. From the Power of Paying Attention to Redirecting Your Child’s/Student’s Behavior to Parental Leadership, Dr. Rick Capaldi provides a treasure trove of practical real world approaches. I want to personally thank and congratulate Dr. Capaldi for writing such an outstanding book that will serve and help so many adults support and guide thousands and thousands of children in becoming more emotionally resilient in a world that is unstable, fast paced, and pressurized for the youth of today. This is an exceptional book for parents, teachers and mental health professionals at a time when we all need the thoughtful and practical parenting guidelines outlined in 21st Century Parenting.―Patrick Murphy, President of Mater Dei High School21st Century Parenting is a dynamic resource for parents, which offers a blend of proactive ideas and supportive recommendations for a wide variety of current needs for our children. Rick offers accessible strategies and approaches to parenting that can serve as guideposts, or parenting GPS tools as he describes it, for navigating many issues including the culture of school, using technology, bullying, and building independence in our children that allow them to thrive and be successful as teens and young adults. As an educator, I appreciate the easy to navigate suggestions and, as a parent of two adult sons, I wish I had access to this resource many years before!―Jennifer Shepard, Assistant Superintendent, Huntington Beach School DistrictIn an age when parenting has become an increasingly difficult task, 21st Century Parenting offers a refreshing, practical approach to empower parents with the tools they need to guide their children in a complex world. Dr. Rick Capaldi has developed an evidenced-based model to effectively foster resilience in children as they navigate their environment at home and in school. Key to this model is a parent’s awareness of Core Development Competencies that can help their children with the daily interactions with others and work to resolve conflict. Through a better understanding, regular monitoring, and strategic intervention, parents will be in a better position to raise healthy, well-adjusted, and resilient child
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