The Stranger at Our Shore: How Immigrants and Refugees Strengthen the Church (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780802424884
ISBN: 9780802424884
Editorial: Moody Publishers
Autor: Sherif, Joshua
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 176
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Descripción: About the AuthorJOSHUA SHERIF was born in Egypt to a Muslim family and immigrated to the United States, where he later came to faith in Jesus. For the past decade, he has planted and pastored in Albany Park, Chicago, IL, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. His congregation represents more than thirty nationalities, speaking twenty languages. Josh has enjoyed his years equipping and coaching other missionaries and pastors around the world. His story was featured in Love Costs Everything, a documentary produced by CIY and Voice of the Martyrs, concerning Christian persecution.SARAH LEW TIERNEY is a Canadian-American who was born to missionary parents and spent her childhood in the mountains of Eastern Congo (DRC). Due to political unrest, her family moved to Illinois where she met and married her high school sweetheart. Jake and Sarah have two children -- a ninja and an artist -- and continue to reside amongst the cornfields today. She is a licensed clinical counselor by day...and a passionate writer typing madly at her keyboard by night (after the ninja and the artist go to bed). Her writing includes fiction, nonfiction, and personalized birthday songs for friends and family, which she performs accompanied by her dashing mandolin-wielding husband. She loves to collaborate on book projects and especially enjoyed teaming up for The Stranger at Our Shore with her friend, Joshua Sherif.Product DescriptionA gripping tale of escape from Egypt, The Stranger at Our Shore is the true story of one young man’s journey out of Islam into new life in Christ. Through his remarkable testimony, Chicago pastor Joshua Sherif calls the Western Church to reconsider the plight of the modern day sojourners in our land—the strangers at our shore and the ones living right next door—and to return wholeheartedly to its first charge: making disciples. The book examines three ways believers harden their hearts towards the stranger and suggests three practical remedies to help us begin casting a wider net for discipleship in our communities. Though any reader will be captivated by the powerful story, any believer will walk away from this book feeling less intimidated and better equipped to disciple people who are different than them.Review“Masterfully integrating biblical analysis and his captivating personal story, The Stranger at Our Shore reads like a timely epistle to the American church, which Sherif credits with welcoming him as a foreigner and helping shape his faith in Christ, but which in some cases seems to have forgotten the biblical mandates to welcome strangers, to love one’s neighbors and even enemies, and to make disciples of all nations. I pray that we will take this biblically rooted challenge—and this powerful testimony—to heart.”—MATTHEW SOERENS, US Director of Church Mobilization & Advocacy, World Relief; author and National Coordinator, Evangelical Immigration Table“God places immense value on the least valuable members of society—in fact, He sees them as the most crucial players in the spread of the gospel. Through The Stranger at our Shore, Josh Sherif poignantly lays out one of the most pressing issues that faces the current context of the church: How are you reaching the stranger next door? Through Josh’s personal story and his pastoral wisdom, this book is so helpful to mobilize the local church to act now, in your congregation, and in your neighborhood! I’ve had the privilege of ministering alongside of Josh and have seen firsthand his heart of integrity and his work at being someone who amplifies the voices of those on the fringes. I’m excited to use this book as a resource in my own ministry and church.”—CHADWICK BACONPastor, New Life West Lakeview, Chicago“In an age of ever-increasing fear and overwhelming anxiety, this book is a balm. Josh Sherif has not only lived the story of the immigrant experiencing fear . . . but has also lived the story of the practitioner, pastoring our country’s most
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