The Human Zoo (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780802157508
ISBN: 9780802157508
Editorial: Grove Press
Autor: Murray, Sabina
Año de edición: 2021
N° Paginas: 304
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: ReviewPraise for The Human Zoo:“Sabina Murray’s smart, idea-packed story grapples with corruption, identity, and loyalty, building to a searing climax.” —Christian Science Monitor"The Human Zoo sublimely transitions into a contemporary sociopolitical thriller enhanced with colonial legacy, cultural erasure, government corruption and unreliable narrators —an exhilarating literary experience." —Shelf Awareness "Smart, crisp prose distinguishes Murray’s action-packed latest...This is captivating." —Publishers Weekly"Fascinating... Until her final chapter, Murray cannily keeps you guessing where her narrative is going and what kind of story it is. Meanwhile, in just over 250 pages, she delivers a remarkably wide-ranging portrait of a society under such pressure that feels as if it could blow up at any minute. . . . Murray’s sense of place is vigorously vivid. . . . Let me just say that instabilities — of tone, of content, of sympathies, of perspective — can be cardinal assets in provocative fiction. In The Human Zoo, Murray wields those instabilities with a keen, riveting instinct." —The Seattle Times“The Human Zoo unfolds like the best of stories—one compelling detail following the next until an entire world emerges, full of revelations and aching truths. Murray has given us a powerful page-turner full of wry humor and shattering wisdom about love, family, the meaning of home, and history. This novel pulses with that most difficult of urgent truths: running away only leads us back to ourselves but that might be exactly what saves us in the end.” —Maaza Mengiste, author of The Shadow King, shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize"Domestic drama or international crisis, or both? For families, like Christina Klein's, it is always both. The Human Zoo begins with Klein's frank, gimlet-eyed assessments of her family and friends, in a Philippines controlled by a Duterte-like president, but what emerges effortlessly out of this is a spectacle of her family of aristocrats brought low by the populists they believe they control, and a vision of the Philippines but also of America, the two countries now more alike than ever before. One of the most interesting novels I've read in years, Murray is at the height of her powers, offering us a breathtaking, funny, terrifying oracle." —Alexander Chee, author of How to Write an Autobiographical Novel"Narratively speaking, Sabina Murray is always up to something. In her new novel The Human Zoo, a harrowing tour of steamy, decadent Manila, she combines an unflinching gaze at moral complexity with humor so dark it will make you anxious about yourself for appreciating it. Murray may well be the most fearless and gloriously subversive novelist we have." —Valerie Martin, author of PropertyProduct DescriptionA blistering new novel that follows a Filipino American journalist’s return to dictatorship-ruled Manila to research her book on tribes from a “cracklingly original” (Elle) and “singular” (New York Times Book Review) author, PEN Faulkner award-winner, Sabina Murray.Filipino-American Christina “Ting” Klein has just travelled from New York to Manila, both to escape her imminent divorce, and to begin research for a biography of Timicheg, an indigenous Filipino brought to America at the start of 20th century to be exhibited as part of a "human zoo." It has been a year since Ting’s last visit, and one year since Procopio “Copo” Gumboc swept the elections in an upset and took power as president. Arriving unannounced at her aging Aunt’s aristocratic home, Ting quickly falls into upper class Manila life—family gatherings at her cousin’s compound; spending time with her best friend Inchoy, a gay socialist professor of philosophy; and a flirtation with her ex-boyfriend Chet, a wealthy businessman with questionable ties to the regime. All the while, family duty dictates that Ting be responsible for Laird, a cousin’s fiancé, who has come from the States to rediscover his roots.As days pass, Ting witnes
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