Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mochi, Mooncakes, an

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ISBN: 9780760374283
ISBN: 9780760374283
Editorial: Quarry Books
Autor: Lieu, Kat
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 176
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Descripción: From the Subtle Asian Baking community comes, Modern Asian Baking at Home, must-have recipes for beloved sweet and savory treats found across Asia.Explore new ingredients, surprising techniques, and interesting textures through lush photography and rewarding recipes that include exciting yet familiar contemporary bakes with innovative Asian twists. The results are unforgettable delights like miso-mochi brownies and spicy gochujang flourless chocolate cake. There's even a recipe for homemade boba!This is the perfect cookbook for anyone nostalgic for Asian desserts as well as hobbyist and avid home bakers interested in using vibrant ingredients like miso, matcha, pandan, and soy sauce to expand their repertoires. No passport is needed when you can easily create and experience popular Asian sweets and one-of-a-kind Asian-influenced drinks, custards, cakes, and frozen treats at home.Recipes include:Quick Microwave Mochi Fluffy Japanese Pancakes Lemony Matcha Macarons Tangzhong Milk Bread Vietnamese Egg Dalgona CoffeeSteam, fry, boil, and bake your way through this straight-from-the-heart collection of recipes!This book is #veryasianReview"Blogger and doctor of physical therapy Kat Lieu created the Subtle Asian Baking online community in 2020 as a way to connect with other home bakers and share Asian-inspired recipes. The private Facebook group now has 152.8K members, and its Instagram account has nearly as many followers. Lieu is now a full-time writer and recipe developer, and her debut, Modern Asian Baking at Home, lands at #8 on our hardcover nonfiction list with recipes inspired by SAB members as well as her own creations. Treats include Brazos de Mercedes meringue swirls, pandan chiffon cake, and, for her brownie-loving husband and son, fudgy miso brownies." -Publishers Weekly, August 8th, 2022"The tone is friendly, unpretentious — conversational, even... Cooking my way through the book was a sheer delight." -Jackie Varriano, The Seattle Times"A book full of tips, tricks, and nostalgia, as well as plenty of plant-based options! It's a must-have for anyone who's ready to be schooled in the art of modern Asian baking!" -Joanne Lee Molinaro, NYT bestselling author of The Korean Vegan Cookbook"Every single page is a joyous celebration of the uniquely wonderful textures, techniques and flavours found in Asian baking. There are loads of my favourite comfort foods and captivating pictures - I just want to bake and eat them ALL! Kat and the SAB community are superstars for inspiring so many to get into the joys of Asian baking." -Kim-Joy, bestselling cookbook author and Great British Bake Off finalist"Modern Asian Baking at Home helps home bakers shift their attention from the ever-prevalent Western culture of baking to dive fearlessly into some very delicious recipes which use accessible and fun ingredients. Without a doubt, these are the kinds of recipes that will become a staple in any household."-Bryan Ford, bestselling author of New World Sourdough"Kat's Modern Asian Baking at Home book is loaded with stunningly original and delicious recipes. Kat answers all of our questions about Asian ingredients, equipment, and technique. After reading her book, I wanted to make(and eat)everything in it!" -Vivian Aronson, author and creator of Cookingbomb"Drawing from both long-held traditions and contemporary inspiration, Modern Asian Baking at Home is the perfect cookbook for home bakers wanting to delve into the extensive world of Asian-inspired treats. The approachable and well-written recipes will have you turning out airy sponge cakes, chewy mochi, and stunning mooncakes in no time!" -Ruth Mar Tam, author of Baked to Order"From recipes of my after-school favorite, coconut cream bun, to macarons with exotic flavors, Modern Asian Baking at Home delivers a subtle take on the internationalized sweets culture of modern Asian baking." -Jason Wang, James Beard Foundation Nominee and CEO of Xi'
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