Lions to the Rescue!: Tree Street Kids (Book 3) (Tree Street Kids, 3) (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780802421043
ISBN: 9780802421043
Editorial: Moody Publishers
Autor: Cleary Eastep, Amanda
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 192
Tipo de pasta: Pasta blanda
Descripción: About the AuthorAMANDA CLEARY EASTEP is not related to Beverly Cleary, but wishes she were. She is, however, a children's author, and the Tree Street Kids is her middle grade series. Amanda knows kids because she's still one at heart. When she is forced to act like an adult, she edits nonfiction books by grownup authors. She lives and writes in the mountains of North Carolina but has spent most of her life in the suburbs of Chicago where her characters now live.Book Three in the Tree Street Kids SeriesIf getting tackled is the best way to make new friends, that’s okay with Jack. After all, starting fifth grade at a new school is even rougher than pee wee football. But how can he join the Lions and help Ellison build the Most Epic Bookmobile Bike Ever? Jack devises the perfect game plan–until he fumbles it with the most epic bike crash ever and a game day disaster.ReviewPraise for Lions to the Rescue!“Lions to the Rescue! is a very powerful and touching story about friendship, hardships, and common goals. Book 3 in the Tree Street Kids series will bring up important discussions with your children as they read about Ellison’s desire to not only learn more about his ancestors but for others to know about them too. We see how friends, family, and teammates all come together to help continue their friend’s mission and how God always works things out for His good. I believe this is an important book to the series. My children and I can’t wait to read Ellison’s recommended booklist found at the end of the book. As a homeschooling mom to three children, I am thankful for authors like Amanda Cleary Eastep, and books that will, as Ellison says, help ‘bring people together.’”—Paige Gallant, homeschool mom and creator of On the Cove Homeschool“Our family loves the Tree Street Kids series! Adults often forget how many challenging things kids face during their developmental years, and these stories tackle big issues with so much heart and humor and just great storytelling. The kids in these stories face really hard issues such as loss, prejudice, anxiety, change, conflict, and relationships in ways that feel relatable and hopeful. What a gift for such a time as this.”—Emily Humphries, host, Simply Stories Podcast“Amanda Cleary Eastep has done it again! She’s able to package adventure and suspense along with memorable characters and a challenging theme into the perfect read for kids.”—Marianne Hering, editor, and author of The Imagination Station books“The Tree Street Kids is a fantastic family read-aloud series and also perfect for your curious elementary-aged child to read alone. Amanda Cleary Eastep brings together all parts of a great story for kids: relatable characters, funny experiences, twists and turns, and life challenges to overcome . . . all shared within the context of family and friendships. Homeschool families: the series works really well for devotional or morning basket time as a way of applying Christian principles to everyday situations kids face. Your family will laugh and be encouraged through the adventures of Jack and the other characters!”—Daniele Evans, 22-year veteran homeschool mom, writer at The Curriculum Choice website“The Tree Street Kids are a favorite in our household—my daughter loves that they’re filled with fun and adventure, and I love that they support her growing faith in Christ. She’s read books 1 and 2 multiple times; we’re so excited that the next books are finally here! I highly recommend the Tree Street Kids as engaging, well-written, and faith-centered books that will excite everyone in the family!”—Ann Swindell, author of The Path to Peace and owner, Writing with Grace“What a breath of fresh air it is to be able to hand my child a book—without the worry of content or hidden agendas—and watch her devour it because the story is just that engaging. That’s what the Tree Street Kids series is in our home. Wholesome, fun, and with an everyday view of Christianit
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