Fire and Flood: A People's History of Climate Change, from 1979 to the Present (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781984882240
ISBN: 9781984882240
Editorial: Penguin Press
Autor: Linden, Eugene
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 336
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: Product DescriptionFrom a writer and expert who has been at the center of the fight for more than thirty years, a brilliant, big-picture reckoning with our shocking failure to address climate change. Fire and Flood focuses on the malign power of key business interests, arguing that those same interests could flip the story very quickly—if they can get ahead of a looming economic catastrophe.Eugene Linden wrote his first story on climate change, for Time magazine, in 1988; it was just the beginning of his investigative work, exploring all ramifications of this impending disaster. Fire and Flood represents his definitive case for the prosecution as to how and why we have arrived at our current dire pass, closing with his argument that the same forces that have confused the public’s mind and slowed the policy response are poised to pivot with astonishing speed, as long-term risks have become present-day realities and the cliff’s edge is now within view.Starting with the 1980s, Linden tells the story, decade by decade, by looking at four clocks that move at different speeds: the reality of climate change itself; the scientific consensus about it, which always lags reality; public opinion and political will, which lag further still; and, perhaps most important, business and finance. Reality marches on at its own pace, but the public will and even the science are downstream from the money, and Fire and Flood shows how devilishly effective moneyed climate-change deniers have been at slowing and even reversing the progress of our collective awakening. When a threat means certain but future disaster, but addressing it means losing present-tense profit, capitalism’s response has been sadly predictable.Now, however, the seasons of fire and flood have crossed the threshold into plain view. Linden focuses on the insurance industry as one loud canary in the coal mine: fire and flood zones in Florida and California, among other regions, are now seeing what many call “climate redlining.” The whole system is teetering on the brink, and the odds of another housing collapse, for starters, are much higher than most people understand. There is a path back from the cliff, but we must pick up the pace. Fire and Flood shows us why, and how.Review“In fascinating detail, Linden’s Fire and Flood tours the American scientific and political landscape that first grasped the fact of climate change and then forgot about it.” —Washington Post“A detailed account of climate science and policy. . . . Linden is a clear, concise writer. He knows his climate science, and Fire and Flood makes points that stay with you.” —San Francisco Chronicle“Veteran environmental journalist Eugene Linden cuts through the thickets of information to deftly guide the reader towards knowledge that is urgently required in this troubling age.” —BBC History Magazine“Award-winning journalist and author Eugene Linden submitted the manuscript for Fire and Flood: A People’s History of Climate Change from 1979 to the Present months before Vladimir Putin made his move on Ukraine, but his account of the past 50 years of climate politics will help readers make sense of these fossil-fueled responses to the war. . . . always engaging . . . Linden’s new book does, in the end, justify an odd sort of optimism.” —Yale Climate Connections“Bracing, illuminating. . . . Linden lucidly guides readers decade by decade, facing a set of themes: the reality of climate change, lagging public opinion and political will and business and financial interests.” —National Book Review“This sobering and accessible history deftly outlines government failures, missed opportunities and the steps we can take to turn the tide.” —BookPage (starred review)“An essential retelling of how greed, apathy, and sabotage got us to this terrible place.” —Dan Vergano, BuzzFeed science reporter“Linden is both an investigative reporter on [climate change] and a former investment strategist, and as such, his app
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