Checkout 19: A Novel (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780593420492
ISBN: 9780593420492
Editorial: Riverhead Books
Autor: Bennett, Claire-Louise
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 288
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: Product Description“Bennett writes like no one else. She is a rare talent, and Checkout 19 is a masterful novel.” –Karl Ove KnausgaardNamed a most anticipated book of 2022 by Vulture, Glamour, Bustle, and Lit HubFrom the author of the “dazzling. . . . and daring” Pond (O magazine), the adventures of a young woman discovering her own genius, through the people she meets–and dreams up–along the way.In a working-class town in a county west of London, a schoolgirl scribbles stories in the back pages of her exercise book, intoxicated by the first sparks of her imagination. As she grows, everything and everyone she encounters become fuel for a burning talent. The large Russian man in the ancient maroon car who careens around the grocery store where she works as a checkout clerk, and slips her a copy of Beyond Good and Evil. The growing heaps of other books in which she loses–and finds–herself. Even the derailing of a friendship, in a devastating violation. The thrill of learning to conjure characters and scenarios in her head is matched by the exhilaration of forging her own way in the world, the two kinds of ingenuity kindling to a brilliant conflagration.Exceeding the extraordinary promise of Bennett’s mold-shattering debut, Checkout 19 is a radical affirmation of the power of the imagination and the magic escape those who master it open to us all.ReviewPraise for Checkout 19:“Singular. . . The prized darkness at the center of the human mind, the place where whatever is really real about us resides, is what Checkout 19 dedicates itself to protecting.” —The New Yorker“Wildly imaginative, unabashedly odd and mordantly funny . . . . This book-full-of-books is a gift and proof of a rare talent. . . . a volume to be consumed whole, on one long, strange trip. . . . [in which] the deep magic of writing is revealed.” —Los Angeles Times“If you’ve had your fill of autofiction, thanks — don’t lose interest just yet. . . . The life Bennett describes is one blown open by imaginative writing … and by the transformative and transportive nature of reading.”—The New York Times“Rarely has a book astonished me as much as Claire-Louise Bennett's 2015 debut, Pond. . . . so unusual, and so unsettlingly pleasurable, that I thought it would be greedy to hope Bennett's new novel, Checkout 19, would be better. Lucky me: it is.” —“The wonder of childhood reading, the undiluted absorption and imaginative engagement, the capacity to fall madly in love with fictional characters and to fantasize oneself into their worlds—these are the qualities Ms. Bennett wants to celebrate and preserve.” —Wall Street Journal“Sly and strange and deceptively casual. . . . Bennett is trying out a new method of depicting consciousness….she is inviting us to view it from a peculiar new vantage point, somehow both inside and outside at once.” —Harper’s Magazine“Exhilarating. . . . Bennett has an often breathtaking knack for. . . choosing the perfectly uncanny phrase to bring a “distinct image” into being. . . . [her] brilliance is that the exchange of pickles and paperbacks between strangers can indeed be made into a story, one that is told twice: first in a sober, straightforward style, and then again in a scrambled, surrealist form.” —Los Angeles Review of Books“Bennett. . . specializes in creating character through details, whether big or small, delightful or dirt-ridden. . . . [Her] humor is often mordant but always on target. . . . Checkout 19 echoes Virginia Woolf, early Toni Morrison novels, Sheila Heti and Han Kang, and so many others in its insistence on women telling their own stories in their own ways.” —Boston Globe“The excitement around Bennett’s books lies in their willingness to circle back on themselves, lingering in uncertainties and contradictions. . . . Throughout Checkout 19 stories function as a catalyst not just for thinking but for acting, choices, lived experiences; it feels thrilling to imagine all the books and storie
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