Bright (Shine) (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9781534462540
ISBN: 9781534462540
Editorial: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Autor: Jung, Jessica
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 400
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: The “glitzy sequel filled with drama and self-discovery” (Kirkus Reviews) to the instant New York Times bestseller Shine! Crazy Rich Asians meets Gossip Girl in this knockout series from Jessica Jung, K-pop legend, fashion icon, and founder of the international luxury brand, Blanc & Eclare.Couture gowns, press parties, international travel. Rachel Kim is at the top of her game. Girls Forever is now the number-one K-pop group in the world, and her fame skyrockets after her viral airport styling attracts the attention of fashion’s biggest names. Her life’s a swirl of technicolor glamour and adoring fans. Rachel can’t imagine shining any brighter.The only thing that’s missing is love—but Rachel’s determined to follow the rules. In her world, falling in love can cost you everything.Enter Alex. When Rachel literally falls head over designer heels into his lap on a crowded metro, she’s tempted to give up her anti-love vows. Alex is more than just heart-stopping dimples and adorably quirky banter. He believes in Rachel’s future—both in music and in fashion.But the higher you rise, the farther you have to fall. And when a shocking act of betrayal shatters her world, Rachel must finally listen to her heart.Review"A glitzy sequel filled with drama and self-discovery." -- Kirkus ReviewsAbout the AuthorJessica Jung is a Korean American singer, actress, fashion designer, and international influencer. Born in San Francisco, Jessica grew up in South Korea where she trained as a K-pop singer, debuting as a member of the international sensation Girls Generation in 2007. After going solo in 2014, she launched the successful fashion line, Blanc & Eclare. Jessica has been featured on the covers of magazines worldwide, her brand now spanning platforms including film and television.Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.Chapter One ONESmile, they say. You’re living the dream countless girls would die for! Besides, you look so much prettier when you smile. Come on now. Softer. Sweeter. You don’t want to be an Ice Queen, do you?“Rachel! Over here!”“Give us a smile!”Cameras flash in my direction before my champagne-colored stilettos have even touched the ground. I subtly smooth down my outfit—a glittering wrap dress with a strapless sweetheart neckline—as I step onto the red carpet. Mina is close at my heels, and seven girls emerge from the limo behind us, lifting their hands in queenlike waves. Fans scream when they see us, clamoring to get closer through the wall of paparazzi.“How about a group shot?” a photographer yells.Like we’ve done a thousand times before, the girls assemble for the photo—each of us instinctively knowing where to stand so that our best features are shown off. We balance each other out, the tall girls and the shorter girls finding their spots in the formation so no one looks out of place. As we pose, the cameras start clicking in a frenzy, catching us from all angles. There’s something about having all nine of us together that makes a certain kind of energy radiate. I once saw someone share a group photo of us on social media with the caption, This is what power looks like!! I think about that sometimes. Power. It’s such a far cry from how I felt around these girls for so long, but a lot has changed in the past five and a half years.The girls and I take our time walking down the carpet, pausing to pose, lips glossed, hands on hips, literally sparkling like the sun in brilliant rose-gold outfits. As we reach the glass doors of the Peninsula Hotel Shanghai, I look over my shoulder and wink at a camera flashing in my direction, giving them one last dazzling grin.I’ve come a long way from the trainee girl who used to freeze like a deer in headlights at the first sign of a flash bulb. The cameras don’t scare me anymore.Now I own them.Smile.The first time a fan told me that I changed her life, I cried.It was a year after I debuted with Girls Forever, and
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