Blood Sugar (Libro en Inglés)

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ISBN: 9780593331545
ISBN: 9780593331545
Editorial: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Autor: Rothchild, Sascha
Año de edición: 2022
N° Paginas: 336
Tipo de pasta: Pasta dura
Descripción: "Terrific. You might come for the mystery, but you will stay for the sheer energy."--New York Times Book ReviewAn utterly delicious debut thriller that tells the story of the most likable murderess you will ever meet, perfect for fans of Riley Sager and Jessica Knoll.“I could just kill you right now!” It’s something we’ve all thought at one time or another. But Ruby has actually acted on it. Three times, to be exact.Though she may be a murderer, Ruby is not a sociopath. She is an animal-loving therapist with a thriving practice. She’s felt empathy and sympathy. She’s had long-lasting friendships and relationships, and has a husband, Jason, whom she adores. But the homicide detectives at Miami Beach PD are not convinced of her happy marriage. When we meet Ruby, she is in a police interrogation room, being accused of Jason’s murder. Which, ironically, is one murder that she did not commit, though a scandal-obsessed public believes differently. As she undergoes questioning, Ruby’s mind races back to all the details of her life that led her to this exact moment, and to the three dead bodies in her wake. Because though she may not have killed her husband, Ruby certainly isn’t innocent.Alternating between Ruby’s memories of her past crimes and her present-day fight to clear her name, Blood Sugar is a twisty, clever debut with an unforgettable protagonist who you can’t help but root for—an addicting mixture of sour and sweet.Review"Sascha Rothchild’s terrific Blood Sugar makes us root for this flawed but compelling character…[Rothchild] nimbly hops between past and present, introducing multiple cliffhangers that she lets dangle for long stretches before treating us to their resolutions. You might come for the mystery, but you’ll stay for the sheer energy of Ruby’s electric presence.”--New York Times Book ReviewOne of Publishers Weekly's "Best Books of 2022""A twisty thriller."--Cosmopolitan“Mesmerizing. . . Rothchild does a terrific job keeping readers wondering about Simon’s reliability, and pulls off the considerable challenge of engendering sympathy for an unrepentant killer. Jeff Lindsay fans will have a hard time not devouring this standout effort in one sitting.”--Publishers Weekly (starred review)“A clever and dark fiction debut. . . Rothchild’s unrepentant killer quickly seduces the reader through Ruby’s intelligent reasoning, and, oddly enough, compassion, even when her actions are repellant. Rothchild augments her breezy approach with tinges of dark storytelling. . . Strong characters, especially Ruby, complement Blood Sugar, as does Rothchild’s vivid use of the Miami setting.”--South Florida Sun Sentinel“[A] Promising Young Woman meets ‘Dexter’ thriller that’s both highly suspenseful and strangely empowering. . . [Rothchild’s] debut thriller successfully executes all the elements of a crackling mystery: page-turning plot beats, snappy dialogue and vividly drawn characters. For those who love a fascinating, complicated female lead with more than one ax to grind, Blood Sugar is an absolute must.”--Bookpage (starred review)“This disturbing thriller begs to be inhaled in a single sitting, but the experience may raise the question of how many friends and loved ones are quietly, happily getting away with murder. [A] provocative, unsettling psychological thriller.”--Shelf Awareness"It upends expectations about what this genre is supposed to be and do. It’s an entertaining tale that grips you.”--Paste“Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild has one of the best tag lines we've ever seen: ‘She's accused of four murders. She's only guilty of three.’”--PopSugarBrilliantly creative and morbidly witty. . . Filled with surprising turns, and told by a woman with indelible humor and knife-sharp observation (not that she’d ever use a knife), Blood Sugar is not one to be missed.”--BookTrib“Ruby Simon is the kind of character who lures readers into and then through a story, eliciting our amateur ps
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